Who We Are


Swann Lighting is a solutions based company. We specialise in customer specific luminaires, in refurbishing and re-testing existing equipment and also in bridging the gap between our customers’ ideals and their budgets – creatively, economically and on time.

We have clients large and small in most sectors including retail, commercial, transport and industrial, to whom we also provide support and practical help. We are UK based, and have a number of manufacturing outlets dedicated to our needs. With more than 50 years of lighting experience we offer services and products that are tried, tested and robust – not only for now but for the future. Our vision is to be a market leader in creative, cost effective and innovative lighting solutions, embracing and driving change in our industry. Our values are based around our relationships with clients, suppliers and employees – people are at the heart of our business. Our integrity comes from the honest, collaborative and positive attitude with which we conduct business, from the smallest to the biggest undertaking. We stand by the longevity, quality and craftsmanship of our fixtures. Our confidence in our products is reflected in the guarantees we provide.

3900965After 22 years in the lighting industry, Chris Swann started Swann Lighting to combine his passion and experience with a sense of integrity, trust and honesty – not only in its products but in its entire business practice. An expert within the lighting industry, with extensive experience in design, manufacture, efficiency and energy management, Chris has the ability and knowledge to deliver what his clients need for both current and future projects. “I strive to provide my clients with the best possible products against their budgets,” he says. “The emerging science of Solid State (LED) lighting has, unfortunately, seen several new companies start up in recent years by opportunist risk takers hoping to make a quick profit. They don’t appear to care about the long term future of their products or their clients – but I do.”

“I strive to provide my clients with the best possible products against their budgets.”

– Chris Swann, Managing Director